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The original salon name spelt Elizabeth was introduced to the opening business after the birth of Queen Elizabeth II in 1927. We are proud to be one of the oldest established businesses in Budleigh Salterton. 

Many changes have taken place to the business over the years and we have managed to keep the classic feel but inject some modern twists into the salon by changing the spelling of the name to Elisabeth highlighting the name of the proprietor (Lisa) in the logo. The business moved from across the street in 2007 from 38 high st to where it stands now at 33/33b high st in a stunning building belonging to the Creedy family business that once was a Men's outfitters and shoe shop.

 This building has contained allot of history over the last 100+years and was eventually split into 2 separate shops where Elisabeth's occupied one half. Last year in 2019 Lisa the salon owner was able to take over the adjoining shop and turn back time to it's original size it once was and we are very proud to run our business there. Lisa proudly showcases some original photos in the waiting area of the 1912 year high st and how the shop used to look. We are sure these will catch your eye while visiting with us! 



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