Information About Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage Therapy?

First described in the ancient Indian Ayurvedic medical texts, Indian Head Massage is a technique designed to aid, support and, if necessary rectify any problems concerning the uppermost three of the major 'Chakra' or energy points within the human body.

The technique involves an intensive but gentle massage of the head, neck and upper body.

The beneficial effects are said to be particularly effective in the relief of headaches, eye problems, improving blood and lymphatic circulation also helping scalp and hair follicle health.

The technique is very popular in India where massage therapies of many types are routinely used on a day to day basis as an aid to a healthy, fit and well balanced lifestyle.

What happens during a Indian Head Massage Therapy Session ?

The recipient of the massage is normally required to be sitting in a chair and relaxed. Clothing is normally worn although due to the aromatic essential oils the masseur will employ, some people like to wear either a tea shirt or no top at all in order to avoid the oils staining their clothes.

The neck and shoulder muscles are usually the therapists main focus at the beginning of a massage session followed by an intensive massage of the head itself. The muscles are needed and probed by the masseurs fingers, the scalp and hair are worked on with rubbing and combing movements of the hands and fingers. The ears are manipulated with pressing and pulling actions which increase circulation and can reduce blood pressure.

After the massage the recipient will gain greater benefit by remaining in a relaxed position for a further 20 - 30 minutes.

Know the benefits.

The therapeutic benefits of the Indian head massage are comprehensive, suggesting that you make it a part of your overall health routines.

They include

  • Increased mobility of the neck joints.
  • Relief from tension and hangover headaches, eye strain, TMJ, and nasal congestion
  • Renewed energy.
  • Reduction of depression, anxiety, and other stress-related issues
  • Higher levels of creativity, clarity, and concentration, and better memory.
  • A sense of tranquillity, calmness, and positive well-being.
  • Sound, restful sleep that leaves you refreshed.
  • Deeper, calmer respiratory system.
  • Stronger immune system.
  • Improved skin tone, health, and colour.
  • Healthy hair and scalp.
  • Increased self esteem and self worth with greater self awareness
  • Balanced chakras.

The stylist that will be available to do this particular service will be either Lisa or Vicki.

Our introductory price for this new service to our salon will be £20 or £15 if booked along side a blow dry.